Caring For Your Jewels

Jewellery:  Over time it is natural for pieces to become discoloured or tarnished with wear and natural oxidation.  Exposure to perfumes, creams, chlorine, etc. can all affect the metals and the plating.  We recommend storing your jewellery away from other pieces, ideally in an air tight container.   You can clean your pieces with a soft polishing cloth or in warm water with a little bit of washing up liquid, please keep dry and away from moisture when not in use.

I would recommend these polishing products:

Gold plated: Click here

Silver: Click here

9ct Gold: Click here

Try to avoid getting polish on the pearls where possible.

Beaded Bags:  If your bag looks like it needs a shine, find an old tooth brush to get into all the nooks and crannies and to give it a dusting.