About Us

Born in the heart of Florence - a city known for its artisanal wonders - Octavia Rose (formerly known as Octopussy Jewels) came to life. Our founder, Octavia Ayrton-Grime, was enchanted by the city's unspoiled charm and handcrafted luxury. Inspired by the allure of Florence, she shaped a brand that pays tribute to this authentic craftsmanship.

Think of our jewels as wearable pieces of art - each piece lovingly designed to catch eyes, turn heads, and spark conversations. These aren't just additions to your wardrobe, they're expressions of elegance that add that special sparkle, a hint of extraordinary in an ordinary world.

We're about more than just beauty at Octavia Rose. We're advocates of ethics too. We passionately believe in reducing waste – from creating limited runs and made-to-order designs to ensure minimal waste, to using recyclable and eco-friendly packaging. From our internal operations to our external relationships, we're taking conscious strides to be kinder to our planet. In a world of machine made and mass production Octavia Rose celebrates artisanal craftsmanship.

All orders are shipped from the UK.